This is total fucking shit!

Mariacarla Boscono by Willy Vanderperre for Dazed Magazine Spring / Summer 2014

Antichrist Agenda

Giedre Dukauskaite by Ishi for Vogue Netherlands May 2014

Every model does this.

Erika Pattison by Nikolay Biryukov for Elle Russia May 2014
Every model does this.

bangs & freckles

Julia Hafstrom
by Camilla Akrans for Vogue China May 2014 

Every model does this.

Amalie Schou

Every model does this.

Katharina Siegmund

Every model does this.

Fernanda Lima by Fabio Bartelt for Harper’s Bazaar Brasil April 2014

Every model does this.

Kate Zubok for Free People bridal shoot

For except a hint of All-seeing Eye (Eye of Horus), the girl shows gesture “hidden hand”, common in Freemasonry (ex., George Washington, 1772 year)

Flavia Lucini by Jacob Sadrak for Marie Claire France May 2014

Girl and Mirror

Nikola Romanova by Steve Hiett for Vogue Italia April 2014 

Cult of Loyalty

Kirsten Owen, Katie Goodling, Sadie Pinn and Michael Houghton by Francesco Carrozzini for Vogue Italia April 2014
mediaexposed asked:
Also as you can see they do the Shhh symbol or silence programming in photoshoots. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Horus, the god of silence. They are programmed to keep silent of their abuse/Mk-Ultra.

Yes, with great probability that too! Yet I believe, symbols and gestures ambiguous 
(how about sexuality and pedophilia?)

for example

Every girl does this.

Lana del Rey by Simon Emmett for Q Magazine February 2012

Every model does this.

Michelle Jansen
mediaexposed asked:
This blog is great, I wish I had found it earlier. Keep exposing the mk-ultra/occultism in the fashion industry.

Thanks for your support and attention!